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Entries for December 2019

How to Prune the Right Way

Posted on December 30, 2019 in: Education

How to Prune the Right Way
Let's start with the basics. What does it mean to prune a tree? Pruning is the systematic removal of branches. It is true most trees can survive without pruning. However, pruning help trees remain healthy and vital. It can also help them fight off disease. Why Do I Need to Prune Every time a branch is removed there is potential for injuring the tree. This is why you can't just fire up the chainsaw and begin lopping off branches to your heart's content. Removing dead branches is one of the most common reasons for pruning. Just like humans, trees have ...

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What are Some Benefits to Pruning Your Trees in the Winter?
Is Pruning Done in Winter? It's a common misconception that trees should never be pruned in the winter and also that tree care companies don't operate in the winter as well. These are simply not true--in fact, your trees can benefit in several different manners from cold weather pruning services. Some Benefits to Pruning Your Trees in the Winter In reality, the winter, or the dormancy period when they are not actively growing, is one of the best times to prune your trees for several reasons. Easy to Evaluate the Structure In the winter months, your de...

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