Entries for April 2019

Structural Pruning – Preventative Tree Care
Sometimes while you’re out and about, you may notice some trees have abnormally spaced and sized limbs. Some of them may appear too low to the ground, while some may appear to be missing from the lower half of the tree making the tree look awkwardly empty. Structural pruning is an aspect of tree care that can extend the life of your tree, and bring out its true beauty if done correctly. This aspect of tree care is ignored by many homeowners, or done improperly, more regularly than you might expect. This article is going to go over particular details of structural prun...

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Identifying and Preventing Tree Defects
A lot can go wrong with trees. Between weather, animals, and humans there’s a lot of factors to be worried about! Being able to diagnose problems with your trees can help you prevent these same issues in the future. Now, not all defects can be avoided. Sometimes it has to do with the species of said tree, age, drought, pests, or disease. It’s impossible to protect your trees from everything. There are plenty of measures that can be taken to mitigate damage and even fatality though. Effective pruning, ideal site location, proper planting, and periodic inspection ...

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