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Oak Wilt in Pin Oaks

Posted on March 08, 2017 in: General News, Education

Pin Oaks are one of the most prolific trees in the Saint Louis area. They grow very rapidly and provide deep shade, quickly.

Recently, many oak trees across town have been infected with Oak Wilt and suddenly die within six weeks of showing signs of outward infection.

Pin Oaks and other oak trees should NOT be pruned in the Spring (March through June).

Clipper begins scheduling Oak prunings in July after the danger of spreading disease.

Trees at risk for infection include:

  • In the vicinity of other Oaks that have recently died suddenly
  • improperly pruned trees
  • trees roots damaged by construction, utility, or landscaping projects.

Oak Wilt is deadly, but manageable.Call an arborist to evaluate your Oak trees.

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