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Fall Tree & Shrub Care

Posted on September 27, 2017 in: General News

Fall is the perfect time of year to prepare your trees for the upcoming winter months as well as preparing them for the upcoming spring season. We recommend the following for your trees and shrubs:

  1. Clean up trees and shrubs in anticipation of winter and to allow for optimal spring growth by keeping beds and turf areas free from leaves, debris, etc. It is also important to prune plants free of dead, diseased, or branches that might be considered a safety risk. Now is also a great time to consider structural pruning as the metabolic processes within trees begins to slow.
  2. To prepare trees for winter and the upcoming growth season be sure to properly fertilize plants and mulch as needed. Also, don’t forget to water – just because the air is getting cooler doesn’t mean your plants don’t need water. A good tip for winter watering is to make sure the soil stays moisture for newly planted trees and shrubs; more established plants prefer a prolonged soaking to ensure root growth. Our specialist can help you with a plan to ensure proper feeding and watering.
  3. Ensure for the health of your plants by inspecting and treating for any insects, diseases, etc. Many insects and bacteria “overwinter” during these months and their re-emergence in the spring can be prevented through the use of synthetic and organic chemicals. Our specialists can help “diagnose” diseases and also recommend treatment plans to promote overall plant healthcare.

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