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Trimming, Maintenance, Thinning, Pruning, Dead Wooding, and Removal. We do it all! Call 314-814-0809 to schedule a free estimate or submit the form below.

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Branch fall causing damage to your property? Tree topple over? Call our Emergency line at 314-370-1550 to get it removed ASAP.

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We offer a full suite of commercial tree and landscape services. Call us or submit the form below to schedule a free quote for your next project!.

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We believe design is living and breathing, so our goal with every project is to marry our client’s desires with naturescape services.

Tree Removal and Landscape Services in St. Louis, MO

Tree Removal Company in St. LouisClipper Tree & Landscape is a full-service tree removal and landscaping company. We focus on the needs and desires of our customers while upholding all ISA arborist rules and regulations.

We have over 22 years of experience in the tree removal and tree trimming business and love to care for landscapes of all types, shapes, and sizes. We do residential and commercial jobs, big or small—we tackle them all.

Estimates are always free and we offer discounts and specials regularly. We give fair pricing and love servicing St. Louis and the surrounding area.

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There are several signs that your tree may need to be removed. Some of these signs include:

  • Big branches dying
  • Tree losing medium to bigger live branches
  • Leaves falling off early in the year or not coming back at all in the spring
  • Dead or hollow sections in the trunk or branches, a rotten base of the tree, or rotting root

These are signs that the tree may have a disease or illness. You may also want to remove trees that are too close to your house, foundation, sidewalk, driveway, underground pipes, power lines or if the tree is leaning badly to one side or the other.

There are many reasons a tree may need to be removed.  Contact us today and let us take a look for you!

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Recognizing Hazards in Your Trees Before It Becomes an Emergency Tree Removal Situation

Having trees near your home help in many ways, but can also lead to dangerous situations.  Learn what to watch for to help determine your tree's health and avoid needing an emergency tree removal.

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When Storm Season Strikes: A Safe Response to Tree-Related, Storm Damage Emergencies

What to do when a bad storm comes through uprooting trees, tears limbs off the trees, and leaving other limbs hanging high above the ground? Instead of risking injury to yourself and further damage to the surrounding structures, call a professional tree service company who is properly licensed and certified to safely remove the debris.  

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What Does it Mean to be an Arborist?
Other terms used in this field are tree trimmer, tree surgeon, tree climber, tree clipper, tree pruner, etc.  A certified arborist is all of those things and more, but a tree trimmer is not an arborist.  Being a true arborist requires the appropriate education. An arboris...

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